"ironical" isn't even technically a word. not completely incorrect but the word ironic on its own would have sufficed.. also why are people so quick to refer to the rest of snsd as nothing or zero just because one member is no longer there? they just rendered the other eight members as insignificant. way to be a loyal sone...

imma just let this speak for itself bc really relevant 


You probably meant that in an ironical way but the 9-1=0 post is about Jessica being kicked out of snsd

…wow really? are you sure? because i thought someone just slapped a math question onto a gif of girls generation silly me 


relationship goal: a relationship


can’t wait for the day lee taemin talks back to the people who are making fun of him for having a feminine appearance and just casually lean over the table with a smug look, 'I'm going to fuck you up so bad you wont be able to walk for a week'

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